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Special Recognition for overall expertise of fluid sealing devices.
Durashield Shaft Seals

Durashield Shaft Seals

HTNS, HTSS & HTFS Series Seals

Designed specifically for higher temperature (to 600F) HT-Series Seals are offered in Non-Split and Split Type Configurations, HTNS-Series (Non-Split) and HTFS-Series (Fully Split Version). The seals are both easy to install and require little maintenance to keep performing like new even under the most demanding environments. HT-Series seals are similar in design and function as the SD Type seals with the added attraction of elevated temperature resistance. The materials of construction of the HT-Series seal can be completely modified to suit your exact requirements for temperature and chemical resistance. HT-Series DURA-SHIELD Shaft Seals can utilize Viton™, Kalrez™, Silicone or EPDM for the sealing elastomer depending on your requirements. Available for Shaft Sizes 2.00 thru 12.50 and above.

SDNS, SDSS & SDFS Series Seals

SD-Series DURA-SHIELD Shaft Seals are also offered in Non-Split and Split Type configurations; SDNS-Series (Non-Split) and SDFS-Series (Fully Split Version). Developed for Heavy Duty use, the SD-Series will address all but the most demanding applications. Typically used for projects where temperatures will not exceed 325F and come in contact with very strong chemicals. The SD-Series DURA-SHIELD Seals are used with very abrasive materials and work well with slurries. The materials used in construction of the SD-Series Seals are F.D.A. approved, therefore, this seal can be used with food and pharmaceutical applications. SD-Series Seals are very versatile, general purpose type seals and have proven themselves as long-lasting performers in many applications. Available in Shaft Sizes from 5/8` thru 12.50` and above

RXNS & RXFS Series Seals

RX-Series DURA-SHIELD Shaft Seals address an increased demand in the food and pharmaceutical industries for a mechanical seal that is capable of frequent sanitization and ease of rebuilding. Available in both semi-split and fully-split versions. Other highlights are: additional drain port for quick internal cleansing, soon to be finalized FDA and USDA approval, extra thick 316 stainless steel plates and wear rings due to frequent disassembly and reassembly, time saving back mount design that allows for daily breakdown, and minimal need of elastomer adjustment for proper seal face pressures. RX-type seals are best utilized in regulated environments but due to their design allow them to be comfortably applied anywhere SD-Type seals are currently. Available in Shaft Sizes 1.00` to 12.50` and above

LDNS Series Seals

The NEW LD-Series DURA-SHIELD Shaft Seals are a rebuildable version of the NR-Series seals which we have dropped to make room for other new designs. Still our most economical solutionfor replacement of packing gland type and other low cost seals. Highlights are: a clean-looking self-contained cartridge design that is easy to install and maintain. Standard seals are not recommended for use where drive motor will be mounted directly to seal. Maximum operating temperature is 250F. Available in Shaft Sizes 1.00` thru 3-7/16` Non-Spilt Only.

SC-Drive / Pac Seals

SC-Drive/PAc Series Seals break away from our traditional face mount seal and are utilized several different ways. SC-Drive/Pac seals can be placed directly into the Screw COnveyer Drives mounting plate, Gear Reducer, Waste Pack Seal Housing and modified to fit other areas where a close confinement necessitates a low-profile seal. Sealing operation is comparable to our SD-Series and offers similar functionality and benefits. Use with Dodge, Linkbelt, Falk Drives and various waste pac housings. Available in Shaft Sizes 1.00` thru 3-7/16`

EANS & EAFS Series Seals

EA-Series DURA-SHIELD Shaft Seals are externally adjustable and allow for processes that exclude the occassional shut down of equipment for seal wear compensation. Similar in concept to the RX-Type seals, they offer the further advantage of unlimited control over essential pressure to the process side sealing faces. Adjusted in the same manner as a packing gland, the difference is the manipulation of the inboard side to provide sealing pressure. EASS (Semi -Split Type) & EAFS (Fully Split Type) Series seals are perfectly suited for paper pulper applications as long as dry, liquid and vapor under pressure processes. Available in Shaft Sizes 1.00` thru 12.50`

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